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A complex world requires a future-focused change in education.

The traditional one-size-fits-all model of education does not recognise or develop niche talents and potential. It alienates many young people, who don’t feel that they belong and don’t see the relevance of school. We created IDEA because we want you to know you have value and to understand what and how you can contribute to the world. Find out about our programs

68% of young people did believe that high school did not adequately prepare them for success in the ‘real world’.
– After the ATAR II

Three global forces are rapidly changing the way we work: globalisation, automation and flexibility.

Australia is in a global innovation race where the prize at stake is better jobs and a better share of global wealth. Education is at the core of instilling innovation skills in the next generation of our workforce.


Machines may complete tasks quicker, but they fall short in creative and emotional skills. The most sought-after employees are the ones who possess the skills that machines can’t reproduce.


Possibilities are no longer limited by regional boundaries. It doesn’t matter where you are, everyone can now access or create opportunities in a global market.


The nine-to-five job for life and linear career pathway is a thing of the past. Flexible work gives you the chance to design a career that matches your interests, skills and lifestyle, while meeting the world’s needs.

School leavers do not just need to be employable. They need to be adaptable, flexible and confident. Education must provide students with the essential attributes they require for lifelong learning in whatever fields of endeavour they may choose. The professional and applied skills they need will change significantly over their lives. The jobs they do will be transformed. Some, driven by entrepreneurial ambition, will want to set up their own businesses. Most will switch careers.
– Professor Peter Shergold, 2020, Looking to the Future, Report of the review of senior secondary pathways into work, further education and training

Idea difference

IDEA is not only a different model, it’s a different culture.


Co-designed program

We offer a flexible timetable that we co-design with you based on your interests and aspirations. Your time at IDEA is spent building a customised portfolio of contemporary credentials and experiences.


Integrated learning

Learning is based on the principles of emergence and self-organisation. Rather than working in subject silos, you work on transdisciplinary projects. Curriculum content and skills are seamlessly integrated into practical learning experiences that are relevant for each student.


Real world experience

Real World Learning is about shifting learning into the world beyond the classroom. The program includes industry project briefs, job shadowing, work placement and pitching events, which add professional experiences and references to your portfolio.


Community connections

We know it takes a community to educate young people. We connect you with a local and international network of peers and industry mentors. We also invite parents and guardians to contribute to the IDEA journey. Our campuses are based in co-working spaces and innovation hubs with unique access to businesses and the startup community.


Wellbeing focus

We are relentlessly focused on supporting you to thrive and find your reason for being in the world. At IDEA, you will be supported to develop skills of self-awareness and emotional intelligence throughout the program.


Brokered pathways

We work with you to map out a strategic pathway plan and broker your transition to university, training and employment. We measure the success of the program on the success of these transitions: how are you doing six months, one year or three years down the track? Are you thriving? If not, what can IDEA do about it?

We get you. We see your magic. Everyone has something to offer the world, and we want to help you find yours.
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Meet The Founders

We are passionate about systems change, and are at the forefront of the education innovation agenda.

Rebecca Loftus
Rebecca began her career in education as a high school science teacher in her hometown of Galway, Ireland in 2009. After moving to Australia in 2011, she completed a master's degree in science and mathematics education at Curtin University. Since then, she has worked as a curriculum manager, education researcher,… Read more
Nicole Gazey
Nicole began her career as a lecturer and trainer in the VET sector. She was appointed to the Curriculum Council of WA as a principal consultant for Vocational Education and Training in 2007. In this role, she was instrumental in the development of programs and recognition arrangements within the WACE… Read more

Board & Advisors

IDEA is supported by a team of educators, business leaders and industry experts who are passionate about the future of education.

Dr Sandy Chong
United Nations Association of Australia
Peter Hutton
Future Schools Alliance
Annie Fogarty
Fogarty Foundation
Chandra Sundareswaran
Kammi Rapsey
Media on Mars
Prof. David Gibson
Curtin University
Jeremy Chetty
Student Edge
Adam Jorlen
Enkel Collective
Tom Goerke
Chair of the board of directors
Young people want to demonstrate what they know and can do, and they want this to be recognised so they can build the confidence to navigate their future.
– Learning Creates Australia


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