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We help you to thrive in your education, guide your transition from school into the real world and prepare you for the future of work

IDEA is an alternative option to mainstream education for young creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are an academy for senior secondary aged students and recent school leavers. We work with our global and local networks to arrange portfolio-based pathways to university, training and employment driven by your individual interests.

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The world is changing. Young people need to develop the skills and mindset required to design innovative solutions to the world’s complex problems.

As you enter your final years of formal education and begin the transition to life beyond school, you will need the tools to thrive in an increasingly digital, globally connected society. IDEA embeds you in an innovative, real world work setting. You will graduate prepared to collaborate and innovate on the economic world stage.

Education systems need to prepare students for their future, rather than for our past. The rolling processes of automation…have radically altered the nature of work and life and thus the skills that are needed for success.
– Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills

We offer a supportive environment and take an individualised approach to help you explore your passions and unlock your potential.

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all education model does not work for all students. Underpinning our program is a case-managed approach, driven by your interests and passions. We support you to find your reason for being and establish self management skills to ensure a thriving adult life.

When you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. It is just a bunch of cool projects.
– Rebecca Loftus, IDEA Co-Founder

We support you to transition into adulthood with confidence and contemporary credentials.

IDEA is part of an education ecosystem with young people at the core. You will build a personal network by connecting with IDEA’s international community of mentors and champions. We create a pipeline of opportunity, supporting you to successfully navigate post-school transitions. We broker your pathways to university, training and employment.

The final two years of school are the first two years of a young person’s career – they should be the most strategic and rewarding years of education.
– Nicole Gazey, Founder of IDEA

About Idea

IDEA is a modern, innovative alternative to mainstream education.

Times have changed, and education is changing too. IDEA is an academy for young people who are seeking a more relevant and real world education. We work with the young people the world desperately needs – innovative leaders, changemakers and creatives.

About us
A snapshot of our partners
We are truly grateful for the support, guidance and brokerage from IDEA. To witness Kai being seen and heard in alignment with who he truly is was profound.
– Jeannie and Brendan Lovel, Parents of Kai
At IDEA, Harrison has had the chance to meet others, enjoy social evenings and attend information sessions, and most importantly, he has secured real-life work placements and received guidance on academic pathway opportunities personalised to his interests for right now and into the future. Harrison now feels confident about the choices he is making.
– Emma Kenworthy, Mother of Harrison

student stories

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IDEA is more than a different model, it’s a different culture. Find out about the IDEA difference, meet our founders and advisory board, and read about the global forces impacting the way we work on our About page.

About us