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IDEA programs are co-designed with each student, alongside business and industry.

IDEA programs focus on creative and innovative thinking, self-discovery and future-ready skill development. We support you to make a seamless transition to life beyond school, with a portfolio of contemporary credentials that showcases niche talents and potential. Join us

IDEA Academy

Full-Time Program

IDEA Academy

The Academy is our full-time program for young innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives who seek a contemporary, customised approach to education that is designed around their unique talents, interests, and aspirations.

  • Young people aged 15 to 18 years
  • Flexible full-time
  • Co-designed learning journey
  • Real World Learning program
  • Work skills transferable to any industry
  • Certificates II-IV or Diploma
  • Micro-credentials
  • Industry network
  • Pathways to university, training and employment

You will graduate with a sophisticated understanding of how you can use your particular talents and interests to design a meaningful and rewarding career.

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Other Programs

Vocational Education and Training

IDEA Future Ready

IDEA Future Ready combines work placement in Perth's business and startup community with a nationally recognised VET qualification (Certificate II–IV) that prepares you for the world beyond school.

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Transition Support

IDEA Pathways

IDEA Pathways offers you and your family a case-managed approach to senior secondary pathways planning, career advice and post-school transition support. We work with you as you prepare for and transition from school to university, training and employment.

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The answer is not to standardise education, but to personalise and customise it to the needs of each child and community. There is no alternative. There never was.
– Sir Ken Robinson, Formerly International Adviser on Education

Frequently asked questions

Is IDEA a school?

No. IDEA operates as an annex to a host school to enable it to deliver WACE courses and to facilitate student enrolment at a registered school. The host school also provides the avenue for all student reporting to relevant authorities, including achievement data that contributes towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education. In some arrangements the host school may also provide staff or a venue but IDEA will always be a stand-alone program

Do I ever attend IDEA’s host school?

No. All core content is delivered at an IDEA campus, with other elements of the program delivered either at a training institution, university or approved workplace. In the unlikely event where a student needs to attend to administrative matters, a student may be required to attend the host school under these circumstances.

Where is the IDEA campus located?

Across Spacecubed locations on St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD.

How do I get to IDEA?

Our main campus is in the heart of the CBD and close to public transport. St Georges Terrace is serviced by a large number of buses, many of which stop at bus stops metres from our campus. The Elizabeth Quay bus and train stations are a ten minute walk away.

What should I bring each day?

Your laptop, Smartrider, food (or money for food) and a notebook, pen and diary.

What are the entry requirements for IDEA?

The Academy is for senior school aged students – students have typically completed Year 10 or the equivalent. There are no prerequisites for entry into IDEA, and as part of your application, you will meet with our directors. This interview is an opportunity for you to discuss your interest in the program and for the team to assess whether IDEA is the right fit for you.

Will I get a WACE?

Yes. You have the opportunity to complete a WACE.

Can I undertake ATAR courses?

Yes. IDEA can arrange for you to access ATAR courses online. However we know that the ATAR is only one of the possible pathways to university. At IDEA, we specialise in providing non-ATAR pathways and broker your access to university.

Can I get into university if I attend IDEA?

Yes. If your career pathway requires you to have a university degree, your IDEA program is designed to help you to access university admissions pathways. IDEA works closely with universities to ensure that you have the necessary credentials, courses and a competitive portfolio to access university studies after you graduate.

What qualifications do staff hold?

Our program is delivered by registered teachers and qualified, industry-current trainers who share a passion for innovative education and a track record of success in supporting people to reach their full potential.

How do you ensure student safety?

IDEA complies with all public education Duty of Care regulations.

Is there a uniform?

‘Startup founder’ is the unofficial dress code. If you prefer not to think about your outfit choices each morning, IDEA T-shirts and hoodies will soon be available for purchase.

What does the timetable look like?

The Academy is designed to emulate the world of work, so there are no ringing bells or rigid timetables. We offer flexible start and finish times between 8:30am and 4pm. You will undertake the Academy program three days a week on campus. The other two days a week can be completely personalised. You may remain on campus for self-directed study or learning support, undertake university-enabling programs or operate your own venture. Alternatively, you may go off-campus to undertake additional qualifications at TAFE or private training providers, access work placements or internships, or even attend university.

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